In this stage, you will (1) install RISC-V toolchain, (2) checkout git submodules, and (3) Install SDK. You can either quickly setup everything (Quick Setup) or manually setup. Quick Setup

You can quickly setup everything by running ./fast-setup.sh. This script requires Git >= 2.11.0.

If you want to use a different version of toolchain (e.g., compiled the toolchain from source), make sure that your toolchain binaries are in your PATH before running this command.


This will download pre-compiled RISC-V tools and extract it to riscv64 directory and setup submodules.


If you want RV32 setup, you should do BITS=32 ./fast-setup.sh instead. The toolchain will be installed in riscv32 directory. Also, the SDK will be compiled and installed using RV32 toolchain.

The script also installs Keystone SDK if KEYSTONE_SDK_DIR environment variable is not set. The default install directory of Keystone SDK is $(pwd)/sdk/build64 ($(pwd)/sdk/build32 for RV32). If you want to change the install directory, please follow SDK’s README before running fast-setup.sh.

If everything went well, you should see the following message:

RISC-V toolchain and Keystone SDK have been fully setup

After you run fast-setup.sh, run the following command to set relevant environment variables:

source source.sh

To keep the environment variables, add the lines in source.sh to your shell’s startup file. For example, if you’re using bash, then try:

cat source.sh >> $HOME/.bashrc